Thoughts on NFL week 2

– Really impressed with Buffalo and EJ Manuel today…kept composure and played well when it mattered most. So far it’s Manuel and not CJ Spiller and the running game that’s the key for the Bills.

– What happened to the vaunted Chip Kelly offensive strategy against San Diego today? Didn’t see it really used at all after they browbeat Washington with it in the first half last week in prime time. When they didn’t use it in the first half I figured maybe Kelly decided to throw a wrench into the gameplan and save it for the second half…but that didn’t happen. Also LeSean McCoy only saw about a third of the carries he got last week.

– Packers haven’t had a running back go for 100+ yds in 3 seasons, they lose their best rb in the game this week, and the guy who is primarily responsible for that bad streak of rushing futility (James Starks) ends up being the one to break the dry spell. Strange circumstance. (Does any of this subtle bitterness have to do with the fact that I owned Starks in fantasy football for the last 2 years? NAHHH.)

– Patriots offense is a shell of what it used to be. Losing Danny Amendola was one thing, but losing Shane Vereen was the REAL blow. He was going to be counted on as the main RB going forward since Steven Ridley has fumbling issues and Danny Woodhead is in a Chargers uniform. Even with TE Rob Gronkowski coming back within the next 2 weeks, things don’t look very hopeful for the overall receiving corps. There also isn’t much hope for help from the outside either. Could they get a guy like Kenny Britt from Tennessee for pennies on the dollar (otherwise known as a 5th or 6th round draft pick)? Maybe…but the Pats strategy is usually not along those lines, and even if they could do a deal it’s well known that their offensive system is not exactly easy to pick up quickly. The most likely scenario right now is they re-sign Brandon Lloyd (who is still available as a free agent) and get him back up to speed. They may have no other choice.

– I’m giving 2-1 odds that Fox Sports One signs Rex Ryan as an analyst over ESPN when he is done coaching the Jets sometime around early November.

– If I was Washington, knowing what they knew coming into this season, I think I would have decided to just go with Kirk Cousins at QB this year from the beginning and given RG3 this whole year to heal. In a small sampling of games Cousins showed he could lead the offense capably. They drafted him in the same year as Griffin…why did they do that? Insurance against injury? Then why not follow through with that strategy? Are they realistic contenders for a title THIS year? I wouldn’t say so even with Griffin at the helm. So why risk the future?

– We had our first glimpse of Nick Foles at QB for Philly when Michael Vick got tombstoned into the ground near the end of the game. It’s just a matter of time before Vick can’t continue as he seems to get blasted at least once a week.


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