Emails I Get for “Jobs”…part 1

Part 1 of an ongoing list I plan on making of “Job Opportunities Sent to My Email that Have No Chance of Being From Real People/Companies”…these are word-for-word, copied and pasted from the email I received (with particularly entertaining sections highlighted for your convenience):

Dear job seeker,
Let me introduce myself. My name is Lynda, and I am an assistant HR director.

Your email address was found in the internet resources, and since I am responsible for recruiting in our company,
I would like to offer you a job of mystery shopper.

Our company is one of few companies in the marketing business which offers such service as mystery shopping all over the country,
and thus we need workers in each state. Our other services include online surveys, development of strategies and their implementation in online business as well as offline.
It all comes to real customers in the end, so it is important to know how people react to the sales techniques and other parameters we test when sending our mystery shoppers on a mission.

This vacancy is suitable for all categories of population, but if you are a student or just a person with considerable amount of free time who loves to shop this kind of job suits you best.
Among several advantages I might mention are free meals if you investigate quality of service in a restaurant, some merchandise you are allowed to keep or money reimbursement if you test some services. In any case this job offers enough rewards to be entertaining and fulfilling.

There are no special requirements for applicants. All you need to be skilled in is attention to details and good memory,
although a recording device would be of great help to anyone.
Workers at the place designated for your scrutiny should not notice anything weird about your behavior, or that would distort the results of your job.
After you have made your observations, conducted conversations if necessary and completed all other necessary procedures,
it is time to write a detailed report about what you have seen and heard.
Usually there is a certain set of questions to answer that give you sort of structure to follow while doing actual shopping, and to complete a report.

So if this sounds interesting, and you are ready to try something new in your life, we invite you to join our ranks and become a mystery shopper.
More details you can learn contacting us at
Please send us your CV.

Best regards,
Elwood xxxxxx

Assistant HR director

Vincent Orleck is a New Media Consultant currently working in Advertising Sales at Facebook. He can be reached at

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