Unemployment and the CP3 non-trade

Day 1 posting my first blog (long overdue as it may be)…..and Day thirty $%@! seven(!) of being unemployed. Unreal. Getting laid off is NOT fun despite what everyone says. Having a careerbuilder.com account is helpful to a point, but I am incredulous at how many insurance companies there are in my immediate area that viewed my resume and believe my skills are a perfect fit for their company, and are willing to schedule an interview at MY earliest convenience. And people say there are no jobs available!

Anyway, I did have some good interviews this past week, at least I THINK I did….because you really never know. Even if you get called back for a second and even third interview a lot of times, it’s not in the bag. Companies have the upper hand right now due to the overage of qualified candidates, and some mildly unethical places take it entirely for granted, and really don’t give any consideration to the potential candidates that they lead on into believing they have been awarded a position. This hasn’t happened to me lately, but it has happened in the past, and I have had numerous others tell me tales of it happening to them.

So my week was going ok, and then Thursday night the Lakers trade for Chris Paul, and all hell breaks loose. First of all, as a native Rhode Islander, New England sports fan, Arizona resident, and lifelong Celtics and Suns fan, I wanted to throw up. Secondly, me and my friends knew it was inevitable, despite Celtics GM Danny Ainge’s best efforts at trading Rajon Rondo for Paul earlier in the week, along with the Knicks late-to-the-game attempts. Despite that, the news hit me hard, and I then immediately realized how it must have felt 3 years ago for Laker fans when Boston corralled Garnett and Ray Allen to go alongside Paul Pierce. At this point, I realized that the Lakers had somehow managed (without Jerry West’s help by the way) to rebuild while still enjoying immense success. Because not only was CP3 going to the Lakers, but this ALSO opened the door for a Dwight Howard-to-L.A.-for-Andrew Bynum deal, which would be imminent. ALL HOPE WAS LOST.

Imagine my utter joy when I received a tweet notification from the Sportsguy (aka Bill Simmons) with the following words: “This is crazy: Hearing the NBA (owner of New Orleans) vetoed the CP3 trade because it wasnt in the best interests of the league”.

MY WEEK HAS YET BEEN SALVAGED! I have new-found hope that things can in fact turn for the better! Apparently a small group of NBA owners complained so vehemently that Commissioner David Stern overturned the deal. EPIC. (I mean, not as epic as every time my buddy Bobby tries to make a fantasy football trade with the league doormat, swapping several waiver-wire-quality players for a single superstar….the old “quantity disguised as quality in order to get quality” trick, only to be vetoed and cause a league message board riot) Sometimes trades get retracted due to the player not passing a physical, but THIS? This is something different….this is the commish of the NBA executing his authority and seemingly personal judgement after being accused of favoritism by the owners he just “led” out of a lockout. Why didnt Stern just pay attention to what Phil Jackson said A YEAR AGO? (and should Phil be the next NBA commissioner?) 

I am not falling into the thinking going forward that this was a wrong move by the league. I think it was in fact the right move that came at the wrong time. Why did the league let this even get to this point? Isnt it a CLEAR conflict of interest for the Hornets to make ANY moves while being run by the league, as Jackson alluded to in his comments? Until the Hornets are bought by a new owner OR contracted, any move they make could be deemed to be not in the best interest of all the teams.

So a big thank you has to go out to…..Dan Gilbert?

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